Things to Do

This is a page of things to do by both parties to get the site ready for launch

Wightman Design

  1. Check how KCT want their news and fundraising functionality to operate – DONE -currently as set up (separate new and fundraising news)
  2. Update fund raising on site to fundraising – DONE
  3. Update footer – DONE
  4. Put sponsorship on all pages – DONE
  5. check for consistency of formatting – DONE
  6. record how to guides for common activities – DONE: see Support Videos link in the dashboard
  7. Update from email address for events to Friday Friends Team
  8. Documents and policies to be attached to titles on Useful Links page – DONE
  9. Add Lost Property Page – DONE
  10. Add Fundraising Support Page – DONE
  11. Arrange SSL certificate to make the site secure – DONE
  12. Install the SSL Certificate
  13. Update page links for migration – PARTIAL (Need to update Contact Page links for complaints)
  14. Update form email address for all emails to info@
  15. Implement recaptcha on all forms? Check with Mike – will work when site migrated
  16. Enable monthly view of Friday Friends entries – DONE
  17. duplicate site and migrate to become main site
  18. check everything works and update old links


    1. Provide wording for volunteering form – DONE and WD added form to volunteering page. 
    2. Provide updated photos to WD to replace some of the existing stock images or update the site directly (particularly MIDAS training photo and Group Booking photo) –  DONE
    3. check/suggest wording for customer emails/completion of the various forms
    4. provide email addresses for form notifications and alerts – DONE info@
    5. to confirm whether sponsorship is required on all pages Yes Please
    6. to provide/load the key documents to the useful links page DONE
    7. to provide/load the useful links info for the useful links page DONE
    8. send WD Janet’s email address for complaints form – DONE
    9. To provide the contact details for the last para in the Fundraising page DONE
    10. Set up some genuine news and fundraising stories ready for launch This week 17/08
    11. To decide what you want to happen when someone clicks on the “I want to support  KCT” button on the Fundraising page DONE

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