MIDAS Training

MiDAS, the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, a programme which your organisation can join, has been developed to enhance the driving and passenger-awareness skill of the many thousands of individuals who drive minibuses in the course of their work or as volunteers. The scheme was started in Hampshire, and resulted from a detailed study of minibus driving and a consultation with voluntary and statutory groups operating minibuses. Whilst minibuses are a relatively safe form of passenger transport, everyone agrees that the task of minibus driving requires skills over and above those required for driving a car. The Community Transport Association operates MiDAS throughout the United Kingdom, under licence from Hampshire County Council.


Our vehicles are all fully accessible, and we train prospective drivers how to use the tail lift and how to secure someone who is in a wheelchair with the correct specialist equipment. We advise that all of our community groups have their own driver trained, as this gives them greater flexibility when hiring vehicles at any time of the day or night, as only drivers that have successfully completed MiDAS Training are allowed to drive our vehicles.


How long will it take to get trained?

We ask that candidates phone our office and request a driver candidate form. We then ask them to fill out both sides of the sheet, and send a copy of their driving licence to us. After we have looked at the form and licence we will then make contact with the individual or community group and arrange a time for training to take place.

Full Accessible Training

    • Practical Driver Training and Checks – 1 hours
    • Practical Accessible Training – 1.5 hours
    • Theory (Class Room) – 3 hours

Refresher Accessible Training

    • Practical Training – 2 hours
    • Theory – 3 hours

Full Standard and Refresher Training (excluding accessible lift)

    • Practical Driver Training and Checks – 2 hours
    • Theory (Class Room) – 3 hours

Training for volunteers for Kingswood Community Transport is absolutely free

We only charge for training that we provide formally to other organisations, and at the rates detailed below.

We have reviewed our training costs and have unfortunately had to increase them to cover our core costs only, no element of overheads has been included, as follows:


    • Full Accessible Training held during the week – £170
    • Full Accessible Training held on a Saturday – £200
    • Refresher Accessible Training during the week comprising 1 full day £120
    • Refresher Accessible Training on a Saturday comprising 1 full day £180
    • Full Standard and Refresher Training held during the week comprising 1 day £120
    • Full Standard and Refresher Training held during the weekend comprising 1 day £180
We are acredited by the Community Transport Association to provide training to the national MiDAS standard. Kingswood Community Transport can train you or a person from your group. We are very proud to be involved with MiDAS, ensuring that our volunteers and paid staff are trained to a standard that is recognised nationally. We have two MiDAS trainers and have been training new drivers for a number of years.

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